Jackass Star Ryan Dunn’s Death

With blood alcohol levels twice the legal limit, the Jackass star Ryan Dunn was doing speeds between 132-140 mph in a 55 mph zone, when his Porsche flew through the air over a guardrail, hit a tree and burst into flames. His life was gone in an instant and so was the life of his friend and passenger, Zachary Hartwell. The two had been at a pub with friends previous to the accident.

Ryan Dunn's Death

Such a tragedy, the police at the scene had never seen this much damage to a vehicle, even before it became a fiery inferno. His last unseen movie which was to be released later this year, he said the lines “being dead is the best thing that has ever happened to me”. In the movie, he comes back as a ghost to haunt his friends, playing practical jokes on them.

His best friend in real life, Bam Margera is also in the new movie. Back to real life, Bam Margera is in deep mourning for his good friend Ryan Dunn, he is struggling to deal with his death. He joined other friends and family earlier this week in a memorial service to the Jackass star. The congregation included Bam’s parents April and Phil and Bam’s wife Melissa Rothstein.

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