Kim Kardashian: Reggie Bush Finds Kardashian Lookalike in Melissa Molinaro

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush romance went on the rocks in March 2010, after three years, when they called it an end. Reggie Bush had told Kim Kardashian, when they were still a couple, to lose some weight and had her working out with him, he pushed her hard to lose her asset. Kim left Reggie in the dust and moved onto Dallas Cowboys star, Miles Austin.

Melissa Molinaro

In May 2011, Kim Kardashian become engaged to Kris Humphries, an NBA star with the New Jersey Nets, accepting the biggest diamond ring a girl could ever show off. What’s with all these sports hunks and Kim Kardashian? What’s with her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush and his new girlfriend Melissa Molinaro, an actress, model and singer?

Reggie’s new girlfriend could easily pass for Kim Kardashian, she could be a stand-in for Kim, she looks like her in every way. Maybe Reggie could not get over the break-up and went looking for someone to replace Kim in more ways than one, except less assets. It seems Melissa and Reggie have known each other for over two years, but couldn’t get it together until they both became available again.

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