Justin Bieber Tackled to Ground: Undercover Cop Tackles Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber was talking with the ladies of “The View” this morning in New York City, he mentioned that he would be going to Macy’s to promote his new cologne, after their show. Some of this throng of fans heard this remark and headed over to Macy’s to get a glimpse of the teen heart throb and worldwide phenomenon.


Justin Bieber, 17 was inside Macy’s when he decided to go outside to spend sometime greeting fans that could not make it into the store. He is very sincere and truly loves spending time with his fans. His presence outside caused pandemonium, and an undercover cop tackled Justin to the ground when the barrier holding back the crowd was broken.

Justin Bieber, the worldwide superstar seemed very shook up from the incident, but was not hurt. A plain clothes policeman helped to break Justin away from the undercover cop. The undercover cop blamed Justin’s security team for the breach.  Everything got back to normal and the superstar went back into Macy’s to continue to sign autographs for his fans.

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