Jose Montero: Young and Mighty

The Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees are discussing a trade deal. For that matter, New York has made an offer for Cliff Lee but nothing has been completed yet. The Mariners are looking for someone with some pop on the bat. If all goes according to planned, Jose Montero, a sprite twenty year old will be wearing a Mariners uniform sooner than later.

Just in case the Mariners get their hands on this gem, fans are going to want to know more about him before they jump in and start cheering for him. The young guy is 6’4″ and about 225 pounds.¬† He has played catcher up until this point but according to management, he is mostly likely going to make a move to first base. Just for the record, Jose Montero was rated the fourth best prospect in baseball at the beginning of this season by Baseball America.

That puts him along side the likes of Jason Heyward, Steven Strasburg and Mike Stanton.¬†Those three guys are already in the big leagues. He manage to be a Yankees via a trade in 2006 and now he is probably heading cross-country to lend a helping hand to the Mariners line up. Sadly, Jose Montero and his future rest in the hands of other players and managers and he can’t do much right now to change that.

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