Ryan Dunn Dead at 34: Investigation Continues Into Ryan Dunn’s Death

The investigation into the sad death of Ryan Dunn and passenger Zachary Hartwell is still continuing in Pennsylvania. Police now believe that Ryan had more than the 6 drinks that had appeared on his bill. Over a 4 hour period Dunn was first believed to only have 2 beers and 4 shots. But now police investigators believe fans had bought Ryan more drinks, at least 1 beer and 2 shots before he left the bar at 2am.


Ryan Dunn died after he lost control of his car and hit a guardrail and then some trees at speeds of 140 mph. His blood alcohol level is believed to have been around .19 which is well over the legal limit. The crash occurred about 30 minutes after Dunn and Hartwell left the bar, meaning his blood alcohol level was continuing to rise after those final drinks he consumed.

Friends and family of Ryan Dunn gathered this past week for a private memorial service. His dear friends and ‘Jackass’ co-stars Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera were visibly upset during Wednesday’s service. Bam Margera’s mother, April, who was a part of the ‘Jackass’ franchise was quoted as saying “I felt like I have lost one of my own sons when I heard that Ryan Dunn died”. Ryan Dunn will be missed dearly by many.


  1. RIPRandomHero says:

    Was the clerk of Wawa’s interviewed as to if he/she saw Ryan and Zach leave with another vehicle? Or who else was also at Wawa’s at the time Ryan and Zach were there? Surveillence camera footage??? Yeah because Dunn is going to drive safe all the way to wawa’s then gun it to the exit of Zach’s house?? His blood alcohol peeked? Ryan had a high tolerance for alcohol. There is more to this story and im sure we will find out the truth eventually.

  2. RealAdultHere says:

    Fnck that stupid SOB. Just further proof that money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy you brains or common sense.

    Rest in pieces you fncking jackazz.

  3. ListenToWhatIvegot says:

    who cares how many drinks he had? Sadly, he’s dead. In my opinion there’s no need to know how many drinks he had, because it won’t change a damn thing. Rest in Peace, guys.

  4. Daryl Beaulieu says:

    The bottom line is this jackass killed a friend as a direct result of drinking and driving. Another innocent person killed and one drunk moron that can’t answer for it. I’ve lost all respect for him and he does not deserve any fans. Ryan Dunn is a douche.

  5. antonia says:

    Rest in peace Ryan :(
    You will be missed :( ((((((

  6. angel says:

    real adult my a$$ if you really call yourself an adult then you wouldn’t be talking sh*i* on a man that has passed on in such a horrible car accident . People do stupid stuff all the time, but i believe there is alot more about this accident that we all don’t know , Ryan was a good person that made it big by goofing of with friends and things that he loved . he might have done something stupid or he may not have you don’t know what happened you where not there, . Use your brain and grow up you F*cki*ng Piece of SHi* What if it was you how woud you feel if some stupid A&& hole was talking Sh*it on you or how do you think your family would feel. Any who the main reason i got on here is to say I love you ryan you will be greatly missed RIP, to all is friends and family GOD must have needed another angel and Ryan was to go to stay on earth with all this hatered and war. peace out

  7. RIPRandomHero says:

    Eventually the real truth will come out that there was more individuals involved and they were possibly run off the road.. BTW those estimates of how fast Ryan was allegedly going are based also on the fact the Porsche was in pieces and how far it was launched into the air. Alot of people don’t realize a Porsche is NOT built like an SUV. Theres nothing to a Porsche they are made that way for speed. So an impact at only 60 or 70 MPH could have the same result. Also a Porsche would easily be launched further because its so light. It’s easy to slam a guy who’s dead and can not tell the whole story or defend himself. Not condoning drinking and driving but fighting for the whole story and truth. Ryan was a good guy not a murderer.

  8. angel says:


    When God called on his angels you where one of them , he need you with him more then you where need on earth even though it was a short time you spent it doing what you loved and making people laugh. Tears where shed hearts where broken and sadness swept over the world but please remember that he is in heaven and looking down on you so live your lives in his honor and don’t always be sad he wouldn’t want that , KEEP SMILING CAUSE HE IS ALWAY LOOKING DOWN AND HE WILL BE SAD IF YOUR ALWAYS FROWNING. REST IN PEACE AND YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS AND OR MINDS….

  9. Craig Hurrell says:

    Excuse me everyone have a little respect for the dead and for his friends and family, it bares no importance if you were a fan of jackass or not or if you agreed with the programe all that maters is that someone died and yes and he is the world is more awear of this because yes he was a celebrity and yes people die every day but can any of yu honestly say that you would say the same things about someone not famous as i belive you would all just say sad respectfull things. in life every negitive thing you send out in to the world will come back ten fold to you.

    Rest In Peace Ryan.

  10. Leith rusnak says:

    I think all u fu$@ers who are disrespecting Ryan and what happened should shut the f@@k up. Were human and make mistakes. Such is life and as far as the passengers bein the poor innocent guy is bulls@&t. He didnt have to get in the car. They both made a fatal mistake and what’s done is done. He was a good man and to error is human. Its sad that his friends and family r left with what was done. Doesn’t change the fact that he was a good person. So drop the bullsh@$ hate mail cause it helps nobody. He will be missed and never forgotten by his closest friends. It was there time to go and that’s it. Take it easy boys. U were good lads

  11. Lindsey says:

    Get a life. Those that are backing him are such losers. How can you defend a murderer? ALso to RIPRandomHero, I think they know more about aerodynamics of a car flying through the air than you do. They are experts, you just like cars. BIG difference. They go by tired marks and a whole set of qualifications before coming up with an estimated speed. He almost killed Bam and Bams brother a few years before in that exact spot, doing the same exact thing. He had to regard to human life and those that he loved. He is a monster that deserves to rot in hell.
    In a few months, his name will slip back to where it belongs, on the lips of people that don’t matter.

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