Wimbledon Results 2011: Serena Williams, Roger Federer

Venus and Serena Williams have not been featured on the Centre Court at Wimbledon 2011. Serena is complaining that she and her sister must always play on Court 2, giving way to the men to play on Centre Court. She does not feel this is fair and says The All England Club is showing prejudice. No matter, where they play these two sisters are always winners and people watch tennis to see them. They keep tennis interesting.

Wimbledon Results 2011 - Federer and Williams

Today, Serena Williams is playing on the number 1 Court, not Centre Court, and again is winning her game over competition Maria Kirilenko from Russia., in her third round. David Nalbandian from Argentina is competing against Roger Federer of Switzerland on Centre Court today. Centre Court is used for the men’s tennis matches. Although, the two sisters, Venus and Serena Williams always draw a big crowd, they have not made it to Centre Court this year.

On Friday, wearing another of her great outfits for tennis, Venus Williams beat her competition Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez of Spain, on Court number 1. The All England Club is allowing Centre Court to Caroline Wozniacki, ranked the number one player when she plays against Jarmila Gajdosova of Australia. The other players are supporting the Williams sisters in this Centre Court controversy.

Wimbledon Results 2011 Update: Serena Williams has now just defeated Maria Kirilenko with no difficulty and Roger Federer also just won his match against David Nalbandian although had difficulty in the last set.


  1. ciaran kelly says:

    The Williams sisters always have something to complain about! They should be a bit more humble
    and perhaps the fans would take more liking to them or example of other players like Li Na who gave
    a portion of her winnings from a previous tournament to disaster victims in China!!

  2. Holly says:

    The Williams sisters are always complaining. Ususally 3 matches are played in centre court–2 men’s and one women’s. I wonder why they gave centre court to Wozniacki. It couldn’t possibly be because she’s the #1 ranked women’s singles player in the world and Serena is #25 and Venus #32. Even though coming in at #25, Serena Williams was given a #7 seed at the tournament. The Williams sisters are great tennis players but they’re not the only ones on earth like they choose to believe. Serena’s has the image of a volatile, foul mouthed diva who tends to wear tennis outfits that are often of questionable taste.

  3. It is best way of being in the limelight by William sisters, how does it matters if you play on courts other than Centre or one.Their performance against respective opponents was misera ble.All great players had their time and the present bigs will also have their time.

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