Disney World: Universal Studios Matches Disney 1 Day Admission

There have been some people that have went to Universal Studios instead of Disney World because their prices were cheaper. Just recently Disney World raised most of their ticket prices and Universal decided to follow suit after a week of seeing the continued success of Disney World.

disney worldUniversal Studios was able to do this price increase because of the popularity of its year-old Harry Potter land. On Monday Universal Orlando raised most of their ticket prices but the ticket prices for residents of Florida were unchanged – for now.

A one-day gate admission now will cost $85 instead of $82 which is an increase of 3.7%. The 2, 3 and 4 day tickets however saw serious increases between 7.1% and 11.4%. The 3-day basic ticket saw the biggest increase going from $139.99 to $155.99.

You will find that instead of a $10 discount for buying tickets online there is a $20 discount to encourage others to buy online instead of at the gate.

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