Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Judge Suspends Trial

After a 40 minute deliberation in private with lawyers for both sides on Saturday the Judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial, Belvin Perry, recessed the trial until Monday. The only reason given for the temporary suspension was that a “legal issue has arisen”. Lawyers on both sides remained tight lipped as to what had happened in the private discussion.

Casey Anthony is on trial for the suspected murder of her daughter Caylee, who was murdered back in 2008. In the case Caylee Anthony had been missing for 1 month before her mother Casey said anything. Casey also told the police many different accounts of the events leading up to her daughters disappearance. These are just a few of the many reasonsĀ  police have accused Casey Anthony of murdering her own daughter.

The accused Casey Anthony has put in a plea of not guilty in the case of her daughters death. Prosecutors strongly believe she is responsible for the murder and said they will seek the death penalty in this case. Suspicion is now arising that maybe a deal is in the process with this sudden delay by the judge. We will find out Monday morning what is going on when the Casey Anthony murder trial continues.

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