Auto Insurance Quotes Online: Majority of Consumers Prefer Online Car Insurance Quotes

More and more consumers that are searching for auto insurance quotes prefer to get it done online then over the phone. Auto insurance is a huge billion dollar business and numerous car insurance companies now offer quotes online rather than over the phone or in person. Recent studies show that only 3 in 10 consumer prefer to contact companies over the phone for their insurance quotes.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Do you think maybe people rely too much on the internet? Perhaps, but with the hectic schedules most people now endure they value their time and this is why it is so much easier to just point and click to find what you need. Searching for the best auto insurance quotes are no different. It is also a lot easier to get car insurance quotes from several companies at one time online then to have to call all of them or visit them in person.

Consumers are saving not only their time but also money since the insurance companies have to be very competitive with their auto insurance quotes to beat the competition. In 2010 alone there were more than 37 million auto insurance quotes handled online. It is also reported that out of those 37 million quotes, roughly 3 million consumers actually went ahead and purchased their auto insurance online.

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