Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Court Resumes This Morning

This morning at 9am ET the Casey Anthony murder trial will resume after a weekend suspension. On Saturday morning Judge Belvin Perry mysteriously put the trial on hold for the weekend. The Judge stated that a “legal issue has arisen” that required him to dismiss the courtroom for the weekend. Lawyers for both sides where a part of the Judges decision, but did not provide the media with any further information.

Speculation has been circling the internet that maybe Casey Anthony has reached a plea with the prosecution. They had offered her one earlier on, but she has maintained that she is not guilty. When you look at the facts as an outsider it is hard to believe Ms. Anthony.  Too much of the information presented by the prosecution in the Casey Anthony murder trial does not paint Casey as a very good mother or person.

In about 30 minutes we will see the trial resume and  find out what the weekend suspension was for. Lawyers for Casey Anthony will continue to present their case this morning. They are claiming Casey’s daughter Caylee drowned in the family pool and were presenting pictures of the young girl in the pool prior to her death. The prosecution in the Casey Anthony murder trial will go for the death penalty if the accused is found guilty.




  1. Faye says:

    I say Death penalty! you party thirty one days while ( supposedly ) she is missing??

    Woman if i wanna party its called grandparents or a damn babysitter! not killing your kid

    I am disgusted at this woman and family, you cant bring her back granted but fry the mother for her death….

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