John Wayne Gacy: Michele Bachmann Mistaken John Wayne’s

John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer from Waterloo, Iowa. Michele Bachmann, the Republican Presidential candidate thought this was the famous, John Wayne movie star, she was mistaken. John Wayne, the movie star, director and producer, known as “The Duke”, was born in Winterset, Iowa in 1907. She was right, it was Iowa.

Michelle Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, said she was born in the same town as John Wayne, thinking it was the movie star, not knowing her information was incorrect. If she plans on being President of this great country, she better have informed people working with her, people to do a better job of getting her the correct information.

John Wayne Gacy, a killer versus John Wayne, “The Duke”, a legacy, big difference here. Michele Bachmann has acknowledged that she misspeaks on occasion and that all she wanted to do was show America that she is patriotic, similar to John Wayne. She wishes she could be perfect, but still thinks she will be the perfect candidate for becoming a good President.

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