Charlie Sheen: Sheen’s New Show Better Than Two and a Half Men

As Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, leaves the show, by probably dying on the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. Ashton Kucher will become his replacement introducing a new character to the show. In the meantime, Charlie Sheen has moved onto bigger and better things. He will be a co-creator of a new sitcom.

Charlie Sheen New Show

Charlie Sheen will create and star in a new sitcom as he works out a deal with Lionsgate Television. The show is reported to be more raunchy then “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie has a good chance here to out earn the $2 million per episode he received, before he started his rants against Chuck Lorre, the executive producer of the show.

Hey, you got to hand it to the guy, he is turning himself around and using his head and who knows, his new sitcom could be a huge success. Lionsgate thinks he is capable, they are going to produce ten episodes and then it will watch the ratings. If viewers catch on and start following the sitcoms, they will produce 90 more episodes. Way to go, Charlie!

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