Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Defense Questioning Casey’s Competency

The latest development in the Casey Anthony murder trial has her defense now questioning her competency to stand trial. This is viewed as a desperate measure to keep Casey from getting the death penalty. This measure used by the defense caused a  in the trial however Monday the judge said that the court finds Casey Anthony competent to stand trial.

Casey Anthony Trial

The Casey Anthony Murder trial continued Monday with the jury going through evidence including the trunk liner which did not contain any bleach. This shot down the defense’s idea that the chloroform found in Casey’s trunk came from household bleach since there were absolutely no bleach visible bleach marks on the trunk liner.

The prosecutors also showed the jury several items of Casey Anthony’s garbage to prove that it was not that garbage that caused Casey’s trunk to smell. This kind of proves that it was likely Caylee Anthony’s body that caused the profound odor in Casey’s trunk. The defense ruled out a video of the site where Caylee’s bones were found a full month before her remains were discovered there. This actually helps the defense because if Caylee Anthony’s bones were scattered at the same time while Casey was in jail then it was someone else who must have done it.

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