Casey Anthony Trial Update June 28

In Orlando, Florida, the trial continues today for the 2-year-old girl,Caylee Marie, that was found dead, allegedly killed by her own mother Casey Anthony in the summer of 2008. A psychic given a teddy bear belonging to Caylee, had a private investigator, Dominic Casey searching the woods in November 2008.

Casey Anthony Trial Update

Taking the stand today is Roy Kronk, who was a meter reader at the time he discovered the remains of Caylee. Detectives with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were questioned on Monday for eleven hours. Added to the state’s witness list, were two employees from the Gentiva Health Services where Cindy Anthony, the grandmother of Caylee, worked.

It was determined by three forensic psychologists that Casey Anthony is competent to stand trial after several determinations. On Monday, her defense team filed a motion to declare a mistrial, stating the state of Florida’s death penalty is unconstitutional, taken from a Federal court ruling on another South Florida case.

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  1. Megan Laird says:

    Are they trying to say they arent going to this psycopath the death pentalty beacuse its unconstituinol? UMMMMM what about it being unconstitional for KILLING her own child!!

  2. Faye says:

    so if you read the papers, casey’s lawyers state she was molested… LMAO

    i dont believe it now if she was to claim insanity ill believe that, but molestation? thats your story of why your messed up in the head?

    Shoot, i failed high school, been homeless, sell my shyt for food, but that dont mean i can kill my kids, ill just take them to mommies house haha

    Woman i hope you get what WE the people want: death penalty for you and justice for Caylee

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