Shia LaBeouf: Megan Fox Relationship

Plenty of people wondered if the on-screen chemistry between Shia LaBeouf and Meagan Fox went further than what they were seeing on film but at the time no one was talking. I guess we were all too busy enjoying the new movie to bug anyone about it. How about now though?

shia labeoufIt seems that Shia LaBeouf let on to Details magazine that their relationship went from on-screen chemistry to off-screen chemistry and got physical. “Look, you’re on the set for six months, with someone who’s rooting to be attracted to you, and you’re rooting to be attracted to them,” he tells Details magazine. “I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing.”

The only thing is that Megan married Brian Austin Green last year after an on and off again relationship since 2004. Did this happen during an off time of the relationship or an on time and could this Details information cause trouble for the Hollywood Vixen?

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