Bob Sheppard: Derek Jeter’s Special Connection

The Yankees’ history runs deep.┬áIt’s not just the players or the coaches, the retired jerseys or the awesome pitchers, the Yankees are simply but “The Yankees”. The Yankees unfortunately lost the man who is known as the voice of the Yankees in 2007 to illness and he lost his life this morning at the sprite age of 99. Derek Jeter was so attached to this great announcer. Bob Sheppard was a simple speech teacher but he stole the hearts of many, including Derek Jeter.

Reggie Jackson quickly named him The Voice of God. Once Sheppard left the Yankees, Derek Jeter requested that a recording of his voice be used to announce him when he went to bat at home. Jeter is probably among one of the least famous players to get attached to this announcer. Bob Sheppard was the rock for many Yankees stars before Jeter.

As far as announcers go, the methodology differs from team to team and from announcer to announcer. Some teams like the loud, excited and anxiousness of their hometown guys. Others believe in the Yankees announcer and feel most comfortable when they heard his calm, soothing voice. The fact that Bob Sheppard’s voice was that special is evident by the fact that a youthful player like Jeter wants to hear his voice before he goes to bat at every home game.

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