Casey Anthony Trial Update June 29

Casey Anthony Trial Update June 29

Today, Wednesday, June 29, in Orlando, Florida, Casey Anthony, 25, being tried for the murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee, her mother, Cindy Anthony took the stand. The defense attorneys are trying to put together a case that Casey was abused by family members. Asking if her brother Lee had abused his sister by sneaking into her bedroom at night.

Casey Anthony Trial

The day before Jesse Grund, Casey’s ex-fiance, took the stand to tell of Casey complaining to him about her brother Lee molesting her. He felt uncomfortable with Lee Anthony, and Casey did not want her brother around Caylee when she was born. Her defense team has claimed that there was sexual abuse within the family from Lee Anthony and George Anthony towards Casey.

The jury was asked to leave the courtroom while Jesse Grund gave his testimony as his words were hearsay. It has still been undetermined as to who is the real paternal father of Caylee. Casey had said Jesse Grund, but this proved to be wrong. Grund did not feel that Casey would ever hurt Caylee. The first-degree Casey Anthony murder trial continues today.

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