Google Social Network to be Better Than Facebook

It is about time that Google came out with their own Social Network and gave Facebook a run for their money. The new Google Social Network is called Google+ (Google Plus). Google+ is an ongoing social project and collection of social services, not just a social network, according to Google. It is more.

Google Plus Social Network

To go beyond Facebook and become their own network they have developed the Circles+. A place where you can decide what you want to share and with whom you want to share it. Google+ will have a wall known as “The Stream”, profile information, videos and photos and will be much more friendly for users.

With Circles+, you will have the ability to choose your online friends, your circle of friends. Using Google’s new Sparks, sharing engine, here you can share interests, get a feed of content and ease-in to get to know your friends. Then there is Hangouts, where you can chat online, video chat, instant message and conference chatting for up to 10 people. The Mobile feature will be a great APP for IPhone and for Mobile sharing. The Google Social Network will certainly contend with Facebook in the near future.

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