Brad Womack & Emily Maynard: Officially Over Now

The latest on ‘the Bachelor’ reality star, Brad Womack, is that he and Emily Maynard have officially gone their separate ways. Brad & Emily have been keeping everything about their relationship status very quiet now for several weeks. This news might come as a surprise to many of their loyal fans who have been searching for news on their relationship. But then again did you really expect a relationship made on TV to last?

Brad Womack & Emily Maynard

Brad and Emily are now going public with their breakup and Emily will be doing a television interview on July 11th. You will be able to watch the Brad and Emily breakup interview live on ABC airing on July 11. Brad Womack has been taking all of the blame for his and Emily’s demise. Perhaps Brad’s short temper got the best of him.

The majority of Bachelor/Bachelorette fans were rooting for the couple to stay together and make it work. Now fans will anticipate the exclusive breakup interview with Emily Maynard. It is reported that Brad and Emily have had several bad fights leading up to this breakup. Poor Emily, hopefully one day she will find true love and a man that treats her right. What do you think caused Brad and Emily to breakup and do you think they will ever get back together again?

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