Robert Bobby Spillane

Celebrity-hood is tough on everyone. Whether it’s child actors who run into trouble or those who should be mature enough to handle the attention, the result is often the same. This time, even the son of a well-known mobster manage to fall victim. To say that he fell victim is as true as it gets as Robert Bobby Spillane fell from his apartment to his death on Saturday afternoon.

The apartment was in a Midtown Manhattan near Times Square. For now, no foul play has been noted regarding this death. Basically the young actor was leaning on a screen of an open window trying to talk to his brother on the street. The screen collapsed and left Robert Bobby Spillane no where to go but out the window.

It has been noted that the mobster-actor had one arm in a sling already but no one has actual been able to determine why. Michael Spillane was on the streets and watched as his brother fell to his death. “Law and Order” and “Rescue Me” are the two most well-known shows that featured this mobsters son. Although Robert Bobby Spillane lost his father when he was 12, he has never managed to escape the legendary gangsters reputation.

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