Brad Womack & Emily Maynard: Emily Teary Eyed

After months of internet rumors and speculation Brad Womack & Emily Maynard have made their breakup official. In an upcoming issue of People magazine Emily talks about what happened to lead to the demise of their relationship. Why now has Emily decided to come clean about the relationship, she is tired of the media hounding her.Ever since she was spotted with out her engagement ring back in May, the paparazzi have all over her about the relationship being over.

Emily Maynard taped an interview with Bachelor host Chris Harrison that will air on the July 11th episode of the Bachelorette. In the interview Emily  talks about why her and Brad Womack called it quits. Womack declined to be a part of the Chris Harrison interview. He does however take responsibility for the ending of the relationship between him and Emily.

The pair state that they still love each other deeply but could not make things work as a couple. Emily Maynard says that “just because we love each other, doesn’t mean we’re right for each other”. Emily now hopes that since she has come clean about her and Brad Womack she can get her life with daughter Ricky back to normal.

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