Javier Colon: NBC’s The Voice Winner

Wednesday night came the first winner of NBC’s the voice. The lucky winner? Javier Colon who after shedding shedding tears of joy went around on a hugging spree. Host Carson Daly, coach Adam Levine and fellow finalists Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez and of course his wife and two daughters got in on the hugs.

javier colonJavier Colon proudly told reporters that his daughters said “We saw you win on TV, Daddy!” since they were in the holding area watching on a monitor.

So what does Colon get out of all of this? How about a recording contract with Universal Republic Records, $100,000 and a starring spot on the inaugural Voice tour? That’s enough to give anyone a big head but Colon remained humbled and admitted that he expected Frampton to win the competition.

“I have a tendency to always keep my expectations low,” he admitted. “It’s been my natural protection, I guess.”

On the eve of the finale Colon told people, “I’ve been at this a long time, and it wears on you when you keep getting doors shut in your face, and you keep getting told you are not good enough to get another record deal and they decide not to, quote-unquote, waste their time on you. So this [opportunity] is amazing.”

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