Prince Edward Island: The Celebrity

Live with Regis and Kelly is a great show for folks who like to indulge in a bit of humor as well as learn about the lives of folks that might not otherwise be accessible. Today is the first of four shows slated to play host to a big name celebrity. Moreover, this celebrity seems to be in awe of all that has transpired since announcing the appearance. That monster celebrity is Prince Edward Island.

Even PEI has been more than surprised by the excitement that this show has produced. The show has yet to even air and tourism officials are overwhelmed with the response. Fans started lining up last night to make sure seats were secured for this mornings show. Prince Edward Island has fans who were willing to sit through a rain storm and watch as others gathered in the early hours of the morning.

To add to the excitement, Regis and Kelly chose to hit the big stage today wearing gorgeous red serge. The two were escorted by Canadian Mounted Police too. By now, Regis and Kelly may be thinking that this grand experience is for them. Alas, the big story surrounds Prince Edward Island the fans were lying in wait just to see and hear him as the hosts welcomed him to their stage this morning.

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