Casey Anthony Trial: Update June 30

Once again the defense team for Casey Anthony, 23, the mother on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, brought the parents of Casey, George and Cindy Anthony to the stand, yesterday. Asking Cindy Anthony again if Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother was abusing Casey. Trying to make the family look like they were at fault for the murder of Caylee, the defense continued with George Anthony.

Casey Anthony Trial Update

Working to paint the picture of a dysfunctional family, the defense drilled George Anthony, had he also abused his daughter according to the allegations from Casey Anthony. Did Caylee drown in the grandparents swimming pool and did George Anthony dispose of her remains, questioned the defense? Working hard to place the blame on the parents of Casey Anthony in a chance the jury will buy this form of reasoning.

The note left by George Anthony when he was about to commit suicide, proved the defense was wrong in their drowning theory. Then the defense called Roy Kronk, the meter reader who discovered the remains of Caylee, trying hard to infer that he changed his story, Kronk saying he was overwhelmed at the time. Casey Anthony stands to receive the death penalty in the state of Florida, if she is convicted. Defense said it will rest it’s case today and give way to closing arguments on Saturday.


  1. frank says:

    Casey anthony is an irresponsible, cowardly baby murderer…she should fry immediately.

  2. Faye says:

    Reeeeeeeediculous this woman is and this case.

    Fry her!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Terry M says:

    Where is the direct evidence BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Casey killled her daughter? She may be the world’s biggest liar and a terrible mother but in this great country the state must prove the defendant is guilty; the defense doesnt have to prove a thing! If even one juror has any doubt whatsover she must be acquitted…All you bloodthirsty morons obviously have no idea how the system works.

  4. Crystal says:

    This woman has got to be mentally ill to hold up so well in court all a while being constantly reminded about the death of her little angel.

    What kind of person can do that? I know that she is trained by her attorney to hold a neutral reaction but her attitude in general is cold.

    When I see her face I see evil and personally do not need to know any facts because it is written all over her face; which tells her twisted story.

    Being killed by her own mother; what could be the worst thing in the world/ I think that is it. She should have just abandoned her child instead of killing her. Poor little angel.

    God is judgement.

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