Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Defense Rests in Casey Anthony Trial

Today the defense in the Casey Anthony murder trial rested its case without calling the accused Casey Anthony to the stand. She told the judge that she would not be testifying in her own defense. A move that many feel makes her look more guilty. It was expected that she would want to get on the stand and recount her story of the events leading up to the murder of her daughter, but she chose not too.

The defense in their opening statements back on May 24th made it seem like they would be presenting lots of  evidence to prove Casey Anthony’s innocence. Many people following the case feel as though they did not do as such. They have questioned much of the prosecutions evidence, but will it be enough for reasonable doubt to step in to play, let’s hope not. The state will be calling rebuttal witnesses tomorrow in the Casey Anthony murder trial to fill any gaps created in their prosecution of the accused.

Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her young daughter Caylee Anthony back in 2008. Missing for 1 month mother Casey did not report her daughters disappearance for 31 days after she allegedly vanished. Her body was found 5 months after the disappearance. Casey was arrested at many different times during the investigation with many different charges. She was indicted by the Grand Jury on first-degree murder charges in October of 2008. If found guilty by the jury the prosecution will seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony.

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