Eden Prairie MN: Who Lives There

Most folks settle on a place to live based on where they were brought up or where their careers lead them. Once folks have children, other factors including the influence of local schools, recreation centers and the such become a factor in those decisions. It’s difficult not to try position yourself where your children have an optimal chance to succeed while you do so yourself. Money Magazine has published a list of “Best Places to Live” and the top spot is Eden Prairie MN.

Career choices are often the first item on the list because obviously families can’t flourish in an area where they can’t find employment. Therefore, in an area of 64,000 plus people and a jobless rate more than four points below the average, the appeal is huge. Once the options of jobs and schools are taken into consideration, many look to various sources for suggestions like Eden Prairie MN.

Depending on your needs, obviously choices are better for some than others. And, if you are looking for a job, definitely seeking out  place where the unemployment rate is low could be a good move. In addition to that, a place that has shown a large jump in job growth makes an excellent choice as well. Armed with all your decisions and research, Eden Prairie MN looks pretty good by most folks standards.

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