Casey Anthony Trial: Judge Calls Recess

Yesterday at the Casey Anthony trial the defense rested their case without calling Casey Anthony to the stand. The Judge Belvin Perry asked Anthony if it was her choice to not take the stand and she responded yes. With the resting of the defense many questions still remain unanswered and today the prosecution hoped to solidify their case by filling in any blanks. Rebuttal witnesses were to take the stand today for the prosecution, however the Judge called a recess to allow the defense to question these witnesses first.

Judge Belvin Perry stated that he will give the defense time to take depositions from some of the rebuttal witnesses the prosecution is to call to the stand. The defense attorney wanted the witnesses to be excluded from the prosecutions list, but the judge did not go for that only allowing the defense time to question them before they took the stand. The 2 rebuttal witnesses that are in question are a computer expert and forensic anthropologist.

The Judge stated that the Casey Anthony trial will continue through the weekend if necessary. He was hoping to have closing arguments presented on Saturday, but stated that it may be done Sunday. Once the case wraps up the jury will go into deliberation and decide if Casey Anthony is found guilty or not guilty.

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