Direct TV Customer Service Issue Has Customers Concerned

Apparently Direct TV customers are experiencing an issue with their viewing capabilities “stuck” on one channel. In addition to this, customers cannot seem to locate the Direct TV Customer Service phone number. The problem, which started this morning, has customers frantically searching the internet to find a valid number to call for help. As of this time, no reports of a solution have been posted.

direct tv customer service

For those seeking a telephone number to call, this may help you reach Direct TV Customer Service: 1-888-777-2454, 1-800-531-5000, or 1-310-535-5000. There is a high call volume currently as customers call trying to get the issue resolved. Some customers are reporting that their Direct TV remote is not working either. The craze regarding the situation is not only the interruption of the service, but the inability to contact the company for help with the problem.

It seems with a problem this unusual, Direct TV Customer Service would be aware of the problem and working towards calming customers and addressing the issue. Even if no solution is known at this time, an internet posting of some kind to let customers know they are aware of the problem would be helpful. A recent visit to the website located at revealed nothing regarding the problem. However, that may change at anytime.

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