Fourth of July: Independence Day Fireworks

This weekend is a big day of celebration in the United States for the fourth of July or Independence Day. Monday, July 4th is the actual day of celebration, but parties, barbeques, fireworks, parades and sales will be going on all weekend. The kids are out of school, and the summer vacation has begun.

Fourth of July

Independence Day fireworks displays will be held all over the country. A big display can be seen at the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on the banks of the Charles River. If you can’t make it to Boston than tune in online or on the t.v to see the spectacle. Other large displays of pyrotechnics will be held in St. Louis on the Mississippi River, San Francisco over the Bay, Chicago over Lake Michigan, and in New York City.

One of the largest fireworks displays held this weekend will be in Detroit. The city pairs up with its cross-border neighbor Windsor, Ontario to put on a fireworks extravaganza to celebrate not only Independence Day, but Canada Day also. One thing to remember this fourth of July is to be safe especially around fireworks and water and don’t drink and drive. Let’s make this long weekend a great one!


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