Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Set To Resume After Recess

The Casey Anthony murder trial is on television every, especially in Florida where it is taking place. The trial is set to resume after the judge had to call a recess earlier Friday as prosecutors prepared to rebut testimony by Cindy Anthony which claimed that she had been the one that made suspicious searches on the internet in the months before Caylee Anthony disappeared and that it was not her daughter Casey that had made the searches.

casey anthony murder trialThe prosecution’s plan was to use its rebuttal case Friday to attack the testimony of Cindy Anthony but it didn’t go over smoothly. Judge Belvin Perry had to call an “indefinite” recess on Friday in order to give defense attorneys time to question state rebuttal witnesses.

Perry reminded the attorneys on both sides that they should act quickly as there were sequestered jurors that wanted to get home to their families. He said, “I hope this is a real problem and not imaginary.”

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