Minnesota Government Shutdown: No End In Sight

Residents in Minnesota are having a difficult time as the government has now been shut down because of the failure to reach an agreement on the budget. Minnesota is the only state this year to have its government shut down but almost all of the other states in American are having severe budget problems and disagreements in their government.

minnesota government shutdownMinnesota and 21 other states have laws set in place that do not allow them to operate past the end of the budget period without legislative action.

The Minnesota government shutdown has halted many services that people count on such as ending reading services for the blind, silencing a help line for the elderly and also stopping child care subsidies for the poor.

Currently there is no end in sight when it comes to the shutdown of the government in Minnesota. Many people are extremely worried about what is going to happen with their lives and how long this problem is going to go on.

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