Will Jennifer Lopez Be On American Idol Again?

Jennifer Lopez told BBC that she was “on the fence” about returning to “American Idol” for another season but a lot of people believe that her admission was nothing more than an attempt to get more money out of the gig.

jennifer lopez american idolHer plan may have backfired as it seems that “American Idol” is looking into some other names such as Shakira and Shania Twain in case they are not able to successfully woo Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer was put in place to bridge that gap that was left whenever Simon left. Did she do that? Maybe but Steven Tyler is the real star of the show right now, not Jennifer.

There is a lot of speculation going on whether “American Idol” needs Jennifer Lopez or if she is the one that needs the show.

She did have her first successful song in a long time, “On The Floor” but then on the other hand she was able to keep the ratings up for the show. I think they have a pretty symbiotic relationship truthfully.

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