Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Closing Arguments Coming Sunday

What a way to spend your Fourth of July weekend. The defense will be giving their closing arguments on Sunday as instructed by Judge Belvin Perry. The jurors for the Casey Anthony murder trial should spend Sunday evening and the Fourth of July, Independence Day, deliberating whether Casey Anthony, who is on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, is guilty and will receive the death penalty in Florida.

Casey Anthony Closing Arguments

Prosecutors in the trial rebuttaled the defense tactics each time the defense thought they were maybe beginning to find a new strategy. On Friday, they proved it was not the mother of Casey Anthony, Cindy Anthony that had looked up the chemical, chloroform, on her computer, but had to be Casey as she plotted to kill her little girl, Caylee.

Prosecutors called their witnesses on part of Thursday and Friday this past week. Cindy Anthony’s employer, Gentiva Health Services had employees on the stand giving their testimony that Cindy was clocked into work during the times she said she was actually at home, searching the word “chloroform”. Casey Anthony’s defense team and the Prosecutors have Saturday off to work on their final arguments.

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