Toxic Sunburn: Why Do I Burn Even When I Wear Sunscreen?

Have you ever went out into the sun slathered with sunscreen and still come in burned? There are literally thousands of people that wear the highest strength sunscreen possible and still come in feeling and looking like they have been in the oven. Why? What is the problem?

toxic sunburnRecent studies show that even people who wear sunscreen can be severe burns if they have taken in certain prescription medications. If you take prescription medications for mental problems, diuretic medicines and even birth control you may be more susceptible to getting burnt by the sun.

Even more strange to some people is the fact that if you handle certain foods even days later you may be able to get horrible blisters in the spots that you handled those foods. One of these is limes. The skin of the lime and the juice on your skin mixed with the sun equals a potentially painful burn.

It is recommend that you do wear sunscreen but that you wear a hat, stay in the shade and limit the amount of sun that you do get if you keep experiencing burns from the sun.

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