Aimee L Sword: Prison Sentence

In the wake of stories revisited such as the one of Andrea Yates, another mother has managed to find herself in a world of trouble. The thought process of both of these women is more than just remotely difficult to understand. For Yates, she claimed that Post Partum Depression was the blame. For Aimee L. Sword, there is no medical terminology for what she did.

This woman from Michigan gave up her newborn child. She took the opportunity afforded most of us and used the Internet to locate the young man. And, then, while no one will ever understand her thought process, she committed one of the most heinous acts of a mother short of those resembling Andrew Yates. Aimee L. Sword took time to find the young man and then had sex with him.

The boys adoptive parents had been sending annual updates to the woman about her son. But, in 2008 those reports ceased and she decided to take the matter into her own hands. She used various social media outlets and found the young boy and his adoptive parents unknowingly allowed the boy to spend time with his biological mother. When the boy alerted his school counselor that Aimee L. Sword was his mother and was having sex with him, the authorities were contacted and now, a prison sentence that could be up to thirty years in jail.

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