Casey Anthony Trial: Coming To An End

People are expectantly watching to see what will happen with the Casey Anthony trial. The prosecution and the defense have made their final statements today and now it will be up to the jurors to decide whether the accused murderer is guilty or not.

casey anthony trialCasey Anthony is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony because she wanted to pursue a relationship with her club-promoter boyfriend. The prosecution said that something had to be sacrifice and Caylee is the person that lost.

It seems that the judge is not happy with some of the antics that the lawyers have been pulling and there is actually a delay and there are final charges that must be gone over. The judge says that he blames himself for this problem and that he should have made them come back on Saturday to settle the matter.

Do you think that Casey Anthony is guilty of the murder of her daughter? What do you think about her denying her right to testify?

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