John McCain Not Happy With The Afghanistan Drawdown Plan

President Obama has made a troop reduction order without having this drawdown recommend by any of the US commanders. John McCain believes that this is too soon and that Obama is making a mistake by taking the troops out too early.

john mccainSenator McCain appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” to tell everyone just how he felt about this reduction in troop numbers.

President Barak Obama has ordered that the troops be reduced by 10,000 by the end of 2011 and then 23,000 more taken out by Sept 2012.

What does the Marine general who is expected to carry out the president’s troop withdrawal order say about this drawdown schedule? He think it is a little more aggressive than the military had anticipated. This pretty much means that he does not agree with it but what is he going to do or say since it has been ordered by the President?

Withdrawing troops before we are ready is not going to be helpful, it will just cause more deaths and require us to send more troops back over at a later date. It is important that we finish what we started and win the war in Afghanistan.


  1. graysailor says:

    He needs to retire. We have no reason to be in Afghanistan. We never really did. The GOP likes handing out “war” contracts to their buddies.

  2. perry holmes says:

    mr.Mcain you need to review your war record before you tell someone that they do not know what they are doing.the generals in the joint chiefs have not won any wars in the last fifty years so how can they say the pull out is wrong? all you and your war monger friends need to shut up.your jew friend also

  3. cliff says:

    who cares what mccain thinks afterall he choose palin for a running mate. how did he do with that ??

  4. Lauteur Calme says:

    As a distant observer, it seems glaringly obvious that McCain is so out of touch with reality and the American public, it’s unbelievab­le he’s still serving in the U.S. Senate. What business does a U.S. Senator have traveling to Libya on U.S. tax payer money anyway? After a recent trip to the U.S., I was astonished by the dilapidate­d state of city infrastruc­tures such as roads, bridges, railroads, etc….. It’s time for McCain to turn his focus to North America, instead of North Africa, and get a clue about the state of his own country instead of beating the war machine for the military elite…!

  5. Nathan says:

    You’re a moron. There IS NO “WINNING THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.” Just like there was no victory in Vietnam.

    The troops should be recalled immediately. What happens in the mideast is their OWN business. But you’ve been brainwashed through the media by big oil to believe that America must have troops in Afghanistan.

    You make me sick. You are the reason America is a cesspool now.

  6. azig says:

    What do you expect the generals to say? They’ll be out of a job.

  7. lonstar says:

    McCain’s Overlords have made BILLIONS off this war; why would they want it to end.. It’s not THEIR kids who are dying for Haliburton.

  8. Sandman says:

    He might as well blame illegal immigrants on the Afghan war…he blamed illegals for the Miami Heat losing the championship. And why do we continue to vote for these idiots?

  9. Donald Berrian says:

    Actually it is ten years too late. We should have settled for backing the locals with air power to run out the Taliban and left them to sort out their own government. Now we are stuck in the same spot we were in Vietnam. The government we helped impose on them never will be able to stand on its own. Putting an occupying arm in someone else’s country makes us the enemy.

  10. Stryke says:

    Warmonger and failed presidential candidate McCain would have us bombing and dying in the whole Arab world if he had been elected president. This guy needs to be put out to pasture or sent back to Hanoi.

  11. Scott says:

    Clearly, all of you “distant observers” know how to run a counterinsurgency campaign against a large group of hardcore extremists. I’m sure you have several years of military service and political experience to your credit. All Americans will sleep safe tonight knowing you’re out there commenting on news articles.

  12. mike perry says:

    Well I have thought for a long time that John McCain and his extreme interest in war is directly related to contributions from the war machine. It only makes sense that he wants war. So what is the deal, here we have one of the main reasons why our economy is in deep trouble paying for the war machine in the US and I would bet that every issue related to the war machine and the US debt is directly related. This isn’t rocket science, just his actions are directly related to our debt… follow the money This debt is a republican issue and a democrat issue and we the people are paying for the people we elected. Knowledge is power and we need to dig and find out why the war machine in this country controls our Senate and House. I want the press to investigate this if they feel they won’t get killed for probing our Bad little secret. Getting this single expense to our economy will solve the debt problem.

  13. Robert Cruz says:

    and we thought Carter sucked.

  14. mike perry says:

    In answer to why did Palin get on John’s ticket. It is the money again. Palin gave Exxon a free ticket when she stopped the law suit with the state of Alaska vs Exxon Valdez. Isn’t it funny that she has this war chest of money to do all the things she is doing… she quit a government job. So, a connection could be assumed that Big Oil and McCains War chest aren’t that far apart are they. Big Money makes puppets of people like McCain and Paliin. Isn’t it obvious what is happening. I hope Cliff gets this. I’m a 30 yr Alaskan and I know what happened, now, so do you.

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