Linda Hogan: Wrestling The Hulk

I’m sure it would be difficult to be the wife of a wrestling super star but Linda Hogan shares all in her memoir “Wrestling the Hulk.”

linda hogan and charlie hillOne of the things that she makes sure to do in the book is to set the record straight about her 2009 divide from the Hulk. She wanted everyone to know that the real reason for the split was because of his alleged cheating and the lack of trust that came afterward.

Linda Hogan says that he will not talk to her and they only go through the lawyers when they want to say anything. She also went on to say that she hopes that he will grow up for the sake of the kids.

What is the ex-wife of the Hulk doing now? She is engaged to 22-year-old “soul mate” Charley Hill. This has raised some eyebrows since Linda herself is 53.

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