Tom Cruise Drives New BMW i8 In Latest Mission Impossible Movie

We all know and love the Mission Impossible movies. Tom Cruise has been playing Ethan Hunt for years now and always keeps us on the edge of our seats when we are watching him on the screen. This movie he is going to get a new set of wheels that go great with his attitude.

tom cruise bmw i8The release of the first trailer for “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” was released and along with that BMW confirmed that its futuristic i8 plug-in hybrid supercar is one of the vehicles that will be appearing on the film.

This car will actually be going on the market in 2013 and while many details are still top secret the i8 is expected to mainly constructed from lightweight carbon fiber and give driver 62 mpg when operating in its hybrid mode.

That may make people think that the car is going to be slow but BMW says that the car will be able to go from 0 to 60 in less than five seconds. That will give Ethan Hunt plenty of time to leave bad guys in the dust.

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