Casey Anthony Trial: It Is Time For The Jury To Decide

After 33 days of listening to testimony and seeing the evidence of the case it is time for jurors to make a decision in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

casey anthony murder trialBoth sides of the case lay out some pretty serious accusations and this is not going to be an easy case. Even if there is a guilty verdict it is very likely that the case is going to be appealed and Casey is going to keep fighting for her freedom.

If Casey Anthony does get the guilty verdict she could face the death penalty or life in prison. Attorneys for Anthony claim that the girl was drowned in the family’s pool. They say that Anthony panicked and that her farther who is a former police officer helped her back the death look like a homicide. Her father, George Anthony has denied this.

No one is buying the story and says that it is absurd that anyone would make an innocent accident look like a homicide. There is just no reason to do this and with Anthony’s father being a police officer he would know that an accident would not get you jail time so he would not have advised his daughter to make it look like a homicide.

The Casey Anthony trial is hoped to be ended with the right verdict. She is charged with first-degree murder as well as six other charges.

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