Prince William Beats Kate Middleton In Dragon Boat Race

Just because you’re royal doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Prince William and Kate Middleton often show their loyal fans that they are a fun loving couple. They will often go head to head in tennis and other sports but today it was the Dragon boats.

kate middleton and prince williamPrince William was the one to take home the win but he isn’t a poor sport and he gave his love a consoling hug after her loss.

The two were on Prince Edward Island and then in the water and racing across Dalvay Lake.

Prince William was asked if he believed that he would win and he was confident as he said “We will!” but when Kate was asked she was not so confident and said that she was a little nervous. The royal couple was leading a team of local athletes and they all had a great time on the boats.

Kate was asked by reporters to stand on the bow of the boat the whole way in her open-neck sweatshirt and slim navy trousers. She said “I’ll try to!”

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