Yellowstone River Oil Spill

Friday night oil began spilling into the Yellowstone river in Montana. Residents are in an uproar about the 750 to 1,000 barrels of fuel that is flooding into the famed river. That many barrels means that there was up to 42,000 gallons of gas that was leaked.

Yellowstone River oil spillExxon says that they are doing everything that they can to maintain and to clean up and believe that the problem was because due to the extremely high water that is currently in the Yellowstone River right now.

According to the spokesman for Exxon, Alan Jeffers, the oil is believed to be contained within a 10 mile radius. Experts from Exxon will be flying over the area to look over the damage and see what further action needs to be taken.

Montana’s governor does not agree with the 10 mile estimate and says that no one can really be sure about how far the oil spill has gone. “Nobody can say definitively,” Gov. Brian Schweitzer said. “It’s too early. We need boats on the water,” not just people flying over.

Even though the water is potentially dangerous at these levels boats may be put into the water to check and see if they can take a better look at the damages from the water.

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