Casey Anthony Trial: Deliberation Continues in Casey Anthony Murder Trial

The jury in the Casey Anthony trial is now heading into day 2 of deliberation. Closing arguments were presented by the prosecution and defense this past Sunday before the Judge Belvin Perry sent the jurors to deliberate. After day 1 without a verdict being decided the Judge instructed the jurors that they could find Casey Anthony guilty of a lesser charge that did not allow for the death penalty.

The Florida mother is accused of first degree murder in the death of her young daughter Caylee Anthony. Caylee was reported missing to the police 31 days after she apparently disappeared back in June of 2008. Later that year her remains were found in a wooded area near her mothers residence. Casey was eventually charged with first degree murder. To date the Casey Anthony murder trial has garnered much media attention with many people believing she killed her daughter.

The Casey Anthony trial saw the defense and prosecution present their cases each with different accounts of how Caylee Anthony died. The prosecution claiming Casey killed her daughter, while the defense stating it was a pool accident. With all of the information presented and the closing statements made it is now up to the jury to decide the fate of Casey.

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