Gabourey Sidibe: Lightened For Elle Magazine Cover?

You may all know Gabourey Sidibe from her amazing acting that she did in the role of Precious. Ever since then she has been an up and coming actress and people are interested in seeing where her unique look and talent is going to take her.

gabourey sidibeOne of the places that it took Gabourey Sidibe was onto the cover of Elle magazine. Is this good or bad? Well she definitely looks beautiful on the cover but does she really look like herself?

There are quite a few people that are in an uproar because they say that she was retouched and lightened way too much. It is true if you see her in person or look at her non-retouched photos that she has much darker skin so it is undeniable that her skin is not lighter on the cover than in real life but what does Elle have to say about this?

Elle told reporters that they did not retouch Gabourey Sidibe any more or any less than they did the other women that are on their covers. Maybe this is true but why would they pick to lighten her skin?

The way I see it is if Gabourey Sidibe is happy with the cover we should be happy with the cover as well. She is beautiful either way.

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