Nancy Grace: Shocked Over Casey Anthony Trial Verdict

Along with millions of other people in America and around the world, Nancy Grace is shocked at the fact that Casey Anthony is going to get off virtually scott free! All through the Trial Nancy Grace would mock and ridicule Case Anthony and nicknamed her “Tot Mom.”

nancy grace casey anthony“I absolutely cannot believe that Caylee’s death has gone unavenged,” she said moments after the reading of the verdicts. “Tot Mom will be walking free.”

Grace herself is a former prosecutor and empathized with the state’s lawyers by saying that they gave it their all with “scientific evidence like none ever seen in the country before.”

Reports came that the defense was celebrating their victory at a bar and Grace did not like the sounds of that either.

In 2008 the body of Caylee Anthony was found. Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee Anthony acted as if a babysitter had taken Caylee and that she had no idea what had happened with the little girl. Later the defense said that Caylee had drowned accidentally and that they were afraid and made the accident look like a homicide. Casey Anthony even went as far as to say that her former policeman father George Anthony had helped her with this act.


  1. christine barry says:

    hi nancy i live in a small town in british columbia canada i amocked that casey anthony was found not guilty what is wrong with the jury????? and the justice system something is very very wrong in our world when this happens i have followed this for the last 3 years and am stunned this opens up the door for other people like casey there was no COMMON SENSE in this case i have not been this disgusted for a long time there was far to much evidense that was not brought into court court by the prosecution something went very wrong with them who laughing now!!!!!!!

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