George Anthony and Cindy Anthony Go Into Hiding

After a jury found Casey Anthony, the daughter of George Anthony and Cindy Anthony not guilty they have gone into hiding. The couple received death threats after the verdict was passed and publicized around the world, going viral on the internet.

George Anthony Cindy AnthonyGeorge Anthony and Cindy Anthony were the first people to leave the courtroom after the verdict was passed down. They made a quick exit with their lawyer Mark Lippman. Lippman told reporters that it would be hard to tell if the Anthonys would welcome back their daughter since her attorney had accused George Anthony of sexually assaulting her as well as helping to cover up the death of Caylee.

The Anthonys did say that they thought that the verdict was fair but they also mentioned that the claims against George were baseless and that they wanted to be able to move forward privately.

The death threats that the Anthonys have been receiving have been via the internet and are being investigated.


  1. Donnie the Lion says:

    I think hitting women is cowardly and criminal behavior. That being said, I would punch Casey Anthony right in her lying mouth if I ever met her.

  2. Abby says:

    I really dont think you ‘Donnie’ have to waste your time on imagining punching her in her lying mouth. She will be out soon, more than likely in time for happy hour on Friday, and while she is sucking her Mojitos and what ever else comes close, Im sure that karma will be there watching and waiting patiently. What comes around goes around.

  3. Cheryl says:

    The karma might be that she was found innocent. Think about it.If there’s a God maybe this was His way of giving Caylee justice. Meanwhile everyone wants harm to come to Casey for being found not guilty, as if that’s her fault. What a society we live in. If you don’t like American justice then instead of wishing or threatening harm on a defenseless woman, move to another country. I hear Perusia, Italy has a justice system just right for you. They love putting innocent women in jaill for life for murders they did not commit where there is no DNA, motive, or witnesses. Let us know where to forward your mail…

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