Facebook Announcement: Facebook News

With all of the latest updates that Google is giving to obviously try and steal users back to their platform Facebook is fighting back and you can find out more about their Facebook announcement below.

facebook announcementThe big Facebook news is that they are going to be releasing more apps for the website that will allow you to do some pretty cool things via chat. One of the updates they are going to attempt is linking the chat in with Skype so that you will be able to chat skype style on your facebook. Another thing that they plan is having the chat list kind of like AOL on the side of your screen.

Mark Zuckerberg made a few digs at Google during his Facebook announcement and was sure to let people know that he was confident. Zuckerberg also told everyone that Facebook now has 750 million users. That is huge and the number is only growing day by day as more people log on to the service and create accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg was asked what he thought about Google + which he replied calmly

“As far as the Google stuff goes, I’m not going to say a lot. The next 5 years are about building apps. A lot of companies that haven’t been social in the past, not just Google, will be building social apps. In some cases they’ll build on existing infrastructure, in some they’ll build their own. Facebook’s job is to stay focused.”

Will you be going outside of facebook or staying on the largest social network?

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