Roy Williams Sues Ex-Beauty Queen For Ring

What do you do when you are in love with someone and want to get married? Well you mail them a ring on Valentine’s day of course. At least that is what Cowboys player, Roy Williams thought you did when you were in love. Williams mailed a $76,000 ring to 25-year-old ex-beauty queen Brooke Daniels who was the former Miss Texas USA but she declined the proposal. Brooke Daniels and Roy Williams had been living together for a year.

roy williams and brooke danielsAfter Brooke Daniels declined the proposal Roy Williams wanted the ring back but Daniels wasn’t willing to give it back. After more back and forth Daniels said that she had lost the ring. Roy Williams insurance agency began to investigate and found out that Brooke Daniels father Michael Daniels actually had the ring and would not give it back either.

Roy Williams finally asked to have a restraining order put out to protect the ring so that it would not be damaged, destroyed or lessened in value by Daniels.

Later Michael Daniels told reporters that he did not want any trouble with Roy Williams and that he would return the ring.

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