Shuttle Launch: Fun Before The Launch

Two days before the shuttle launch 150 fans are getting to enjoy a special treat. Nasa is hosting a two-day gathering for the space shuttle fans and there is going to be a “tweetup” at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

shuttle launchThe fans were able to meet astronauts and engineers but another furry friend showed up as well. Elmo who is the furry red muppet from Sesame Street came to see the fans and add to the excitement of the day.

July 7th Elmo and astronauts Mike Massimino and Doug Wheelock came to answer questions about space. Elmo was wearing a cute mini blue flight suit so that he matched his real-life astronaut friends.

The Atlantis lift off is supposed to happen July 8th at 11:26 a.m. eastern time from Launch Pad 39A at the Florida spaceport. Stormy weather may be on the way to delay the launch however but this hasn’t caused a damper for the 150 fans that are getting to camp out at the space center.

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