Big Brother 13: The Premiere

July 7th at 9 eastern is going to mark the premiere of Big Brother 13. This season is going to have 8 new house guests going up against 6 former, already well known host guests. They are going to be together as “Dynamic Duos” and will be able to reenter the house for another chance to win. That is sure to get the fur flying since people that have already played always have the uppity attitude.

big brother 13There was a poll of six pairs of former HouseGuest posted by CBS which asked the public to vote on which couple they wanted to put back in the House. Those 6 winners will be able to have a chance to enter the Big Brother house (again) for a chance to win a whopping $500,000 cash prize!

Big Brother is a show in which a group of people live together in a large house that is isolated from the outside world but the contestants are monitored all of the time by television cameras. Each of the serious lasts for about three months. The whole idea of the show is to avoid being evicted from the house to win the cash prize at the end.

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